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How Old Is Your Globe

Dear Globe Scout,

            Thank you for quoting your globe or globes.  As you have found out, globes are not dated as are most books or maps.  Globes were advertised to be “up-to-date” or “up to the minute” so to date them would defeat this.

            A globe can only be dated by the geographical-political names and borders found on it.  Photographs of entire globe and close-up of orb are helpful.  In order to see if I can use it I need to ask a few questions about your globe.  Listed here are some key geographical features to look for.

            1817 – New Holland becomes Australia 

            1819 –  Florida ceded by Spain to U.S.

            1831-33 - discovery of Endrby's Land in antarctic

1845 - Texas becomes a state

1846 – Van Diemen’s Land becomes Tasmania

            1850 - California becomes a state

1853 - Gadsden Purchase adds S. AZ & NM south of Gila River

            1867 - Russian Territory becomes Alaska

            1868 – 1918 - Austro-Hungarian Empire

            1869 – Suez Canal completed

1873 -Yellowstone National Park appears in NW Wyoming

1878 - Cyprus become British

1878 – Serbia, Montenegro and Romania independent

1885 – Congo Free State (Congo State)

            1885-1903 German West Africa

            1885-1908 – Congo Free State

            1889 - North and South Dakota form in the US

            1889 – Phoenix replaces Tucson as capital of Arizona

            1895 – Rhodesia named

            1899 - Philippines & Puerto Rico (U.S.)

            1900 – Cook island annexed by New Zealand

            1902 - Orange Free State created in S. Africa – Cuba independent – Boer War ends

            1903 – Panama independent

            1905 – Sakhalin divided: Japan/Russia

            1907 – Panama Canal – (opened 1914)

            1907 - Eastern Oklahoma was called Indian Territory until 1907

            1909 – Canberra Capital of Australia

            1910 – Chosen (not Korea)

            1910-1961 – Union of South Africa

            1914 - 1924 (only) Saint Petersburg in Russia named “Petrograd”

            1918 – Yugoslavia created – “Russia” and “Austro-Hungarian Empire” disappear

            1919 - Treaty of Versailles in Europe.  Polish Corridor, Balkan States, Czechoslovakia, etc. formed

            1922 - Russia now Soviet Union

            1924 - 1991 Saint Petersburg in Russia called Leningrad

            1925 (post) – Oslo, Norway

            1926-31 – Central Australia

            1930 - Constantinople to Istanbul

            1931-45 - Japan annexes Manchuria, names it “Manchoukuo”

            1932 – Arabia become Saudi Arabia

            1935 – Persia become Iran

            1935-41 - Italy invades Ethiopia.  Names region “Italian East Africa”

            1936 - Saar Plebecite Nazi's take Rhineland

            1938 - Austria annexed, Sudetenland invaded           

            1939 - Nazis seize half of Poland; Russia the other half. “Phoney” war begins

            1940 - Nazis “Blitzkrieg” France, Western Europe

            1945 – Annan (sometimes in Vietnam-before 1945)

            1945 - Nazis defeated.  Germany divided into East and West

            1947 - India independent.  West and East Pakistan formed

            1948 - State of Israel formed

            1950 - Indo-China no longer French

            1953, July 27 - Panmunjom Truce. Korea divides into North and South

            1953-63 – Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland

            1954, July 22 - Vietnam divided.  French defeated

            1958 - 1961 - Only Egypt and Syria united under Nasser as “United Arab Republic”

            1962 - 1965 - Only Egypt called “United Arab Republic”

            1971 - Revolt in Pakistan. East Pakistan becomes “Bangladesh”

            1975 - Vietnam War over.  Saigon named “Ho Chi Minh City”

            1979 - for less than one year Central African Republic was called “Central African Empire” 

How is your globe mounted?  Has it a meridian, the ruler like scale that supports the orb, the round sphere?  Does the meridian go all the way around or only half way?  Does it move or is it firmly fixed to the base?  Is the globe a table or floor model?  How wide is the orb through the center, (diameter)?  12 inches is about the size of a basketball.  Condition of the orb is very important.  Any defects should be described.  “Full Mount” means globe has a flat horizon ring around the equator, as well as a full meridian and stand.  Full Mounts are preferable.

The title and publisher information on many globes is found in the Pacific Ocean area, either on a little label, or on a small area called a cartouche.  Starting at the top, spell out exactly what it says completely.  The major American globe manufacturers are Cram, Rand-McNally, Replogle and Weber-Costello.  Globes with surfaces printed in England were W. & A.K. Johnston and Nystrom.  J. Chein and The Ohio Art Company made novelty or “Kitsch” globes and globe banks.

We are always interested to know what you have found.  We are seeking unusual stands and above average globes.  Fax: 731-836-9017    EMAIL:       1-800-748-9946  


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