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 Books On Magic

Le Marchand's Fortune Teller, And Dreamer's Dictionary. ... Containing A Complete Dictionary Of Dreams Alphabetically Arranged, With A Clear Interpretation Of Each Dream, And The Lucky Numbers That Belong To Them. ...[Etc., Etc.]... By Madame Le Marchand, the celebrated Parisian fortune teller. Dick & Fitzgerald. New York. c1863. 12mo, 164+ pp. Col. pictorial boards. Many ads for their extensive stock of how-to and game rules books. Fortune telling with dice or cards.  I.D.#09765.

Old Gypsy Madge's Fortune Teller And The Witches' Key To Lucky Dreams. Being A Complete Dictionary And Interpreter Of Dreams, With A Reliable Method For Fortune Telling, Including Palmistry, Charms, Spells, And Incantations. ... M. Young. Brooklyn, N.Y. c1889. 12mo, 9-100+ pp. Green pict. wraps. Content browned. Ephemeral. I.D.#09766. SOLD.

Book catalog. Paul Fleming. A Catalogue Of Books On Magic. Fleming Book Co. York, Pennsylvania. c1949. 8vo, 60 p. facsims. Printed wraps. Dogeared and browned. Attractively printed on coated stock with cover in red and black, at a time when magic books were hard to sell. Describes importance of the standard texts on legerdemain.  I.D.#09585.

Antiquarian Books, Rare Books>Magic

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